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Root chakra, base of the spine. EARTH – RED COLOR It governs the physical energy, the vitality and energy of creation at all levels, including the ability to procreate. When there is an imbalance produced by hyperactivity in this chakra, it creates excess aggression, physical energy, work and an uncontrolled sexuality. Conversely, a lack of base chakra manifests itself in the form of apathy, insecurity and lack of vitality at all levels.This compound activates and renews the vital energy of the body to physical and mental level. It strengthens bones, tendons and joints. It detoxifies the body, cleansing the blood and lymph; It promotes the proper functioning of the Circulatory System. Recommended for tired people, with lack of energy or problems of bones and joints. In a energy level also favors rooting, the connection with the earth and the feeling of stability. Transform ideas into action, providing safety and confidence.

Basic application: other variants will depend on the individual situation): while you breathe consciously and smile, apply a drop in pubic and shoulders visualizing the red color between 1-3 times a day. As an extra add one drop in the inside of each ankle. It is recommended not to apply it very late since it could hinder the rest of the night.
Composed of 9 biological essential oils: Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Marjoram, Palm rose, Cedar wood, Clove, Sage tree + RED JASPER.



Chakra of emotions, below the navel. WATER-ORANGE COLOR. From this chakra we interact with the environment, with our emotions and our sexuality. Therefore in this Center are treated locks and emotional problems that you may have with friends, love, family, and circumstances that we have been able to link emotionally. The second blocked chakra produces emotional tension that physically affect the intestine and may result from constipation, colitis, colic, intestinal or kidney. This compound makes the energy move vitality refreshing and toning the muscles, joints and meridians; especially download and vitalizes the legs and the sciatic nerve. It improves blood circulation and helps the lymphatic drainage, helping to eliminate toxins and lose weight. It strengthens your settlement and connection with the Earth

Basic application (other variants will depend on the individual situation): between 1-3 times a day, while you breathe consciously and smile, visualize the Orange applying one drop under the navel or back toward the coccyx and optional on the cervical (coccyx-cervical active energy in a few minutes to reconnect the circulation in the spine). As extra adds a drop for the back of each knee. This compound is also useful for muscle contractures and support in cases of headache (coccyx-cervical + front and temples caring the eye contact).
Composed of 11 essential oils of biological origin: Cypress, Mint, Camphor, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lemon, Lavender, Sage, Clove, Tea tree + SMOKY QUARTZ.



Solar plexus, at the pit of the stomach. FIRE-YELLOW. This chakra is the self-affirmation of the ego, personal power and will. It is blocked when we do not feel professionally made materials or when we feel that there “are worth”, which physically manifests itself in the imbalances of basic performances of the organism: respiratory difficulties, poor digestion and nervous tensions that lead to ulcers, gastritis, cancer, asthma, allergies, etc. In cases of mental or nervous exhaustion, depression, frustration, addiction, sadness, lack of energy or inability to realize the goals. This compound helps in digestion, both food and emotional, bringing lightness to the dense. It is the fire that transforms, the laboratory of Alchemy (liver). Due to its high content in citrus favors the freshness and the will to live, with safety and self-esteem in balance.

Basic application (other variants will depend on the individual situation): between 1-3 times a day while you breathe consciously and smile applies a drop in the solar plexus visualizing a powerful Yellow Sun and another drop on the inside of each wrist.
Composed of 8 essential biological oils: Lemon, Sweet orange, Tangerine, Lavender, Lavandin, Fennel, Tea tree and Sage + CITRINE QUARTZ



AIR- PINK / GREEN COLOR Center of the balance between the upper and the lower chakras, so their energy is the bridge between the two and it meets material (emotional, impulsive) with the spiritual. Power gratitude, compassion and unconditional love: acceptance towards yourself and towards others. The ability to give and receive.The feeling of unity. The integration of our male side with the female. Its blockade hinders these qualities, generate stress and is associated with circulation or heart disease and the Immunologic system problems. To work that unit, there are two compounds: man and woman. Both contain phyto estrogens (corresponding hormonal plant) so are essences that connect the heart to the sexuality and can increase the livid. Although promptly both apply, is preferable to work with their own.

RAINBOW WOMAN: Composed especially designed for women, with the presence among other large plants of the Rose of Bulgaria also called Queen of the Flowers for its multiple qualities. It is very supportive in disorders of the female reproductive system *, menstrual problems (regulates the lunar cycle) and problems during the menopause. Regenerates and protects the cells of the skin (nutrients and antioxidants). Enhances sexual energy and makes you feel more sensual and feminine to activating your creative power. Balances emotions and increases the confidence and self- esteem. Connects the heart (4 ° chakra) and our ability to create (2 ° chakra), which brings us to the calm.

Basic application (other variants will depend on the individual situation): between 1-3 times a day while you breathe consciously and smile displayed the pink color and applies a drop between the breasts and another below the navel. As extra you can choose to put one drop in each Achilles heel or in each nipple by connecting them with the uterus area.
Composed of 11 essential oils of biological origin: Bulgarian Rose, Geranium, Salvia Esclerea, Ylang Ylang, Cypress, Rose palm, Fennel, Lavender, Lemongrass, Sage and Ttea tree + GREEN JADE. *Preferably should not be used by pregnant women.

RAINBOW MAN: Composed specially designed for the man who power the vital and sexual energy, but from a connected place to the heart. Active creative power and balances emotions by increasing confidence and self-esteem. It connects with the 1st chakra in the strength and physical force at the time that releases the chakra of the heart (4 ° ch) increasing love and passion for life.

Basic application (other variants will depend on the individual situation): between 1-3 times a day while you breathe consciously and smile visualizing green color applies a drop in the sternum and another at the end of the spine to the coccyx. As extra adds one more drop in the ankles.
Composed of 9 biological essential oils: Rosemary, Cedar, Palmarosa, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Cypress, Sage, Cistus and Cumin + GARNET.



The throat chakra, neck. ETHER – BLUE COLOR . The fifth chakra governs the power of the word, personal and unique sound of each and the skill of listening. It represents the ability or difficulty of expressing our feelings and thoughts through words. It is the creativity of ideas in the field of the word. This locked Center will present problems of communication, vocal cords, polyps, hoarseness, headaches, throat, ear, cough, pain in the neck, insomnia. It is very important for proper functioning physical balance: irrigation of blood vessels and St. Nervous influence most vital functions causing physical exhaustion for no apparent reason. Its essence is thinking clear, as with clear thoughts, we can express ourselves safely. Deep thought is linked to the Logos, the power of the word. It is designed for children and babies for their soothing and regenerates the skin. Aid in relaxation and regeneration night, waking up with enthusiasm, joy and emotional balance. It also acts on the Immune system and enhances creativity, speech and listening.

Basic application (other variants will depend on the individual situation): between 1-3 times a day while you breathe consciously and smile visualizing blue color applies a drop ahead and behind the neck and another in the abdomen. As extra adds a drop under the plant from each foot. It is ideal to add to the water of the bath (3-5 drops) because his relaxing properties.
Composed of 9 essential oils of biological origin: Orange, Lavender, Fennel, Marjoram, Lavandin, Petit Grain, Chamomile, Sage and Tea tree + CHALCEDONY.



Space between the eyebrows. VIOLET COLOR. The third eye is the place in which recall the images of memories and visualize where creatively. The creation of positive image has much to do with the physical, mental and emotional health. The sixth chakra governs the mental and spiritual clarity intuition developing clairvoyance and perception. It orders biological rhythms and frequencies. On the physical level the sixth chakra governs alongside the seventh the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary (masters of the Endocrine System, brain, eyes, ears and smell). This compound is a great relaxing physical and muscular, relieves pain and stiffness especially in back, neck and arms. Balances the Central Nervous System, emotions and thoughts, providing peace of mind and a positive Outlook on life. It purifies negative energy locked in the body and facilitates sleep at night. Very advisable to harmonize a discussion and to enter states of meditation and coherence.

Basic application (other variants will depend on the individual situation): between 1-3 times a day while you breathe consciously and smile visualizing the violet color applies a drop in between the eyebrows and on the nape of the neck. As extra, add a drop on each big toe through the narrow part and / or anywhere where you feel tension or pain.
Compose of 12 biological essential oils: Lavender, Lavandin, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Lavender, Bitter Orange, Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Tea tree + AMETHYST.



Crown chakra. WHITE LIGHT, GOLDEN OR RAINBOW COLOR. The Pineal gland is responsible for the invisible energies becoming visible.When our chakra flows in a balanced way to achieve a total awareness of our true being. Reconnects to the heart energy and our union to life on Earth while strengthening the connection with the ethereal and spiritual planes.This chakra should be stimulated in people who have fear of anything, as well as lack of confidence in life. It is a  great support for the meditation and the sense of cohesion to the unity. It is closely linked to the power of the Earth heart.

Basic application (other variants will depend on the individual situation): between 1-3 times a day while you breathe consciously and smile visualize white light or Rainbow colors and applies a drop at the Crown and another in the center of your chest.
Composed of 13 essential oils of biological origin: Sweet Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, Lavandin, Clove, Myrrh, Bitter Orange, Sage and Tea tree + HERKIMER.


Essential oils are the soul of the plant, his vital energy, and are the means by which all of its natural properties are transmitted. They are applied to the skin, the largest “organ” of the body and large sensory receptor, an excellent vehicle to introduce in our body the properties of essential oils. The link between smell and emotion is very deep, no other sense has the capacity to act on the most primitive level of the mind, the limbic system, which is the timeless seat of our moods and emotions. The essential oils will purify and cleanse the lymph, blood, and as a result the organs.
The Rainbow aromatherapy for the 7 chakras combines essential oils, the plant world, with the mineral world: each compound includes a stone glass, which enhances the quality of the essence. The application of these oils is done from a meditative state, conscious breathing and internal smile. Each compound is specially designed for each Chakra or energy center: