I consider myself a lover of energy and frequencies work. I combine the vibration of sound, yoga, Qigong, breathing and aromatherapy in which she has trained over many years.
From a very young age I already had a passion for human potential and its evolution from the perspective of energy and the opening of the mind and its capabilities.
I connected through meditation with the practice of Yoga.
I have always learned more through direct experience than through official trainings. In my two years in Barcelona, I practised every day with three great masters of Hatha, Iyengar and Kundalini yoga.
The work with sound goes back to my childhood, when I felt that it was the vibration that calmed me the most and brought me closer to the feeling of vitality.
So, through Yoga, I began to experience how the states of Savasana (relaxation) became much deeper in the presence of sound and certain frequencies.

My first guided meditation with sound was Vibratiom, musical compositions designed for each chakra. From that moment on, a whole range of possibilities and combinations opened up.
An infinite field of creativity, a combination of body exercises, breathing and sound sequences creates the perfect formula for balancing the nervous system, emotions, and the rhythm of thoughts.
I found a way to strengthen perception, our ability to be in tune with the environment and to live in vitality.
The discipline of Qigong and the art of breathing are also powerful tools integrated on my journey.

I have collaborated in multiple Yoga, Tantra, Ecstatic dance festivals; women’s gatherings, sessions for cancer patients, teenagers; singing circles, weddings and ceremonies as well as numerous retreats in Ibiza and internationally.

Sound is so present in every corner of existence that I find it incredibly easy to adapt my tools to any proposal. Grateful for everything and specially to everyone has crossed my path inspiring and making it possible.