“Heart intelligence is the flow of intuitive awareness, understanding and inner guidance we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart. It can be activated through self-initiated practice. The more coherent we are and the more we pay attention to this deeper intuitive inner guidance, the greater our ability to access this intelligence more frequently. Heart intelligence underlies cellular organization and guides and evolves organisms toward increased order, awareness and coherence of their bodies’ systems.”

Our heart possesses a network of 40,000 neurons called “sensory neurites” which provide a direct line of communication to the brain. These thousands of neurons are also the reason why we can call the heart “intelligent”. In fact, the heart has the ability to function in an independent way. It can sense, process information, make decisions and even demonstrate a type of learning and memory.

The tools for this journey:
Opening with breathing techniques and soft body movements and mudras.
We continue with sound healing guided mediation (hang, gong, crystal bowls and pyramids, voice…) and aromatherapy.


The benefits from working in to the heart coherence:

  • Become more aware and in tune with what is going on within yourselves as well as what is going on in the world around you.
  • It helps to increase your intuition, to make wiser decisions.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety (reduction of level of cortisol).
  • Boosts your immune system
- Releases anti-aging hormone (DHEA)
  • Enhances the functioning of your nervous and digestive systems
  • Improves quality of your sleep
- Boosts your energy level