Our group was born from the heart-to heart connection beetwen a group of female friends, sisters and mothers: Leo, Paz, Elena, Carito, Anna, Aiwu, Alba and Martina. We have been living in Ibiza for a long time and hail from diffrent parts of Spain, Italy and Argentina.
We share the love for music and medicine songs and the strength of co-creation. We started collaborating three years ago, to enjoy the beauty of beeing together, singing and supporting one another. Over time, we began to realize how healing our encounters where fo us, and how our chanting was helping us to develop a power to heal. Gradually we start opening up this encounters to others and create singing circles and accompanying pregnant women in the days before the birth to induce calm and support.
We belive that at this point in history, it is really important to be actively involved in helping each other and recover nature´s balance.
Mother Earth deserves fo us to become involved, aware and taking an active roll as we are living in an ecosystem whose balance is deeply fragile and has been extremely damaged and abused.
Our chanting is a call to action. We invite you to laugh, to cry, to sing and dance with love and compassion.
We open ourselfs up to recibe the gifts that the universe has to offer to each of us. Children are a blessing who are always present, as our nourrishing mothers, babies, old folk, men and women of hope…Together we gradually step ourselfs in the medicine of the heart


From the medicine of singing together and the feeling that sharing it generates in others, was born the yearning to create an album combining songs of various authors and others of unknown authorship.
We chose 9 songs that we all like very much and that represent the beginning of Hijas de la Tierra. Those moments of connection and magic that inspire us so much in each meeting.

Singers: Paz Iribarren, Aiwu Ribero, Elena Teixidor, Eleonora Bianchi, María Martina Anzel, Carolina Paola Montiel, Anna Forjas and Alba Pascual.
Guitar: Paz.
Percussions: Djembes (Elena and Anna); Shamanic drum (Leo and Martu); Oceanic drum (Leo and Caro).
Charango: Caro and the special collaboration of Gonzalo Abarca Paniagua.
Flute: Leo

This album was recorded in Ibiza, October 2019 – December 2020.
Sound engineer: Shulian Peq, who with infinite patience recorded and guided us with much affection. We honor his work. Highly recommended for those who have the dream of recording an album.
Recording and musical production coordinator: Paz Shanti.
Mastered by Dobla España.

PRICE: 13€