The wisdom of the heart. Journey of breathing and presence guided by the innate wisdom of horses and the healing vibration of sound to reconnect to the harmonious state of the heart.Horses are animals of great sensitivity and empathy, acting as a mirror immediately capturing our emotional state.
Everything revolves around the heart…The body rhythms (physical, mental, emotional) are intimately linked to the state of heart coherence. The heart is considered to be a master electrical oscillator: positive feelings as calm, love or joy are collaborating in the harmonious state of the body (especially in the Cardiovascular system); emotions such as fear, anger, sadness or stress range heart rate altering the state of coherence and destabilizing the body system. The electromagnetic field of the human heart is 5000 times more potent than the brain. Quantum physics argues that the heart is the emotional brain, as subtle an intermediary of our thoughts and feelings more basic.
The heart of a horse has a five times larger than the human electromagnetic field, which directly affects (by resonance) in our own heart rate. The horse has a capacity of highly developed perception that allows him to feel and perceive different energy levels at great distances, providing constant information to alert of dangerous situations. They react to the energy that we emanate when we feel emotions and also to our body language. They do not judge, do not criticize or analyze what we do, simply react and interact to the stimulus that produces our emotional state or body language. Their reactions are the answer to the energy levels that collect and they are always honest and consistent.
In the presence of a free herd of 10 horses in a natural environment, we get together in a circle to breathe, listen and remember the teachings of these noble animals.
We opened this proposal with a lot of loving care, humility and with a profound respect and gratitude towards the horses and the Earth we inhabit. Roberto Contaldo and Elena Teixidor