7 Chakras Self Reactivation Peeling


To purify, strengthen and revitalize the physical, energetic and mental – emotional body. Is a self- peeling, full body exfoliation, using almond and avocado oil as a basis to which Himalayan salt (85 minerals) and the special essences compounds for chakras are added.
Ideal for groups of women that want to work with femininity because specific essential oils for women (6th and 4th Chakra) can be chosen.
The morning is an ideal time for this session because it has a very energetic and activating feeling. It is possible to do inside or outside as at the beach, but it is essential to have showers or sea, for the final cleaning of the oil. The approximate duration is 1h.30.

Expected Benefits

Regenerates skin organ (2nd lung) and activates the luminic cells.

Detox and remineralize, cleansing and activating your energetic potential.

Expand consciousness to unconditional love and joy.