Personalized Retreats

This proposal arises with the main aim of offering you the possibility to spend a few days in my house in Ibiza dedicated to different activities focused on reconnecting with your inner-self, in rest and harmony.
Each person has, at a given moment in their life, distinctive needs for their process. This the reason why in this rest-retreat I propose to you several options adapted to your situation: Yoga classes, breathing techniques, guided meditations, sound sessions, aromatherapy and sound massage, healing walks in nature, etc.
It is a different and original formula for those who want to spend a few days in calm and recovery at the magical island of Ibiza.
Also available for two persons or a couple.


All within the universe we live in contains an energetic field with different degrees of vibration, from the subtlest to the densest. Everything in a human body and in nature works on the basis of coherency, a harmonious order in which each element functions based on the flow of energy received. When some part of the body does not vibrate in harmony, mismatch and discomfort occur. If it persists, the disease could appear.

Certain sounds and vibrations have the power to restore the lost harmony in our body. Enter with me into the energy field, a combination of body, breath and a direct approach to the experience of sound and intuition. How to unite the healing vibration of sound with the energetic focus of the chakras, the five elements, breathing techniques and aromatherapy. Keep in mind that this is an inner work supported by external tools, so it is not essential to have musical knowledge but a predisposition to dive into the world of intuition and inner knowledge.

The whole experience takes four days, with around 3-hour sessions every day, using my home as workplace, where you can have all the instruments to practice the rest of the day. Depending on the dates and your motivation, it is even possible for you to attend some of my sound meditations and use this experience together as practice time in your retreat.

This is an example of the program and instruments we will be working on. Remember that it is not about learning to play, but about learning to feel and develop your intuition skills.



It is a different and original formula for those who want to spend a few days in calm and recovery at the magical island of Ibiza. You design your retreat guided by me; I offer you the platform and you decide the intensity of your rhythm and activities. There would be basically two modalities always adaptable to your needs:

This is a more independent format in which I offer you accommodation and one or two daily sessions. The kitchen is at your disposal if you wish to cook and during the day you have free time for excursions, beaches, etc.
If you are interested in this variant, I would advise you to rent a car since the island does not have good transport services.

Arrival: Departure:

 (Limit those activities to 1 or 2 per day)
Day 1:
YogaAromatherapy massageAromatherapy PeelingSound HealingGuided Meditation
Day 2:
YogaAromatherapy massageAromatherapy PeelingSound HealingGuided Meditation
Day 3:
YogaAromatherapy massageAromatherapy PeelingSound HealingGuided Meditation
Day 4:
YogaAromatherapy massageAromatherapy PeelingSound HealingGuided Meditation
Day 5:
YogaAromatherapy massageAromatherapy PeelingSound HealingGuided Meditation



A more intense, since you have my company throughout the day for whatever you need and the full board service with a conscious and balanced diet.
The duration of the stay is approximately between 3 and 5 days, depending on your needs and availability.

• Accomodation 3, 4 or 5 nights.
• Transfer from and to the airport.
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
• One therapy  per day (Sound Healing, aromatherapy 7 chakra self exfoliation, aromatherapy massage with sound). If you want and extra therapy please consult prizes.
• Daily yoga.
• Daily meditation.
• Walks in nature.


This is a sample to give you an idea; schedules and activities are approximate, since they will always adapt to the rhythm of participants. On depends of you, the program is developed always flexible and open to introduce other interesting activities that may happen on the island.

8.00-9.00: Meditation
9.00: Energy drink
9.00-10.30: Yoga and Sound healing relaxation
10.30-12.00: Breakfast and free time
12.00- 13.30: Walking excursion to the beach or to the mountain
13.30-16.00: Lunch and free time
16.00-17.00: Sound healing session or Aromatherapy massage.
17.00-17.30: Tea time
17.30-19.00: Guided meditation
19.30: Dinner time
21.00: Integration time and rest