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This magical session combines the asanas (postures) of Yoga with sound vibration of the vocals and the musical instruments. To sing a sound with movement of posture, breathing lengthens easily and naturally increasing profits. Each molecule, each cell, tissue, organ, gland, fluid in our body has its own degree of vibration. The same happens with each energetic center or chakra. Everything in a human body and in nature works on the basis of coherency, a harmonious order in which each element functions based on the flow of energy received. When some partes of your body are not vibrating in harmony, you become ill.

Certain sounds and vibrations have the power to restore the lost harmony in our body. These sessions integrate in one vibration the sounds together with consciousness of the body and the meditative state of yoga. Tuning in and start to feel the flow of the body, coordinates with concious breath, mobilizes the strength of your whole body and activates its resources to liberate the tensions and restore to the state of harmony, stillness and stability.

While practising the yoga positions (asanas) and especially at the relaxation, you will enjoy the therapeutic musical vibes from magical healing instruments (Hang drum, Quartz cristal singing bowls, Chamanic and Ocean drum, Didgeridoo…)

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The singing of vowels is one of the most effective ways to raise the vibrational frequency of our human body. The singing of vowels is not a melodious song: should wake up our cells. It is a whole body (physical and energetic) sound projection with determination to act on the matter. In this work, each vowel plays a specific role:

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Vibes in the heart chakra, opening the chest and releasing tensions.

Vibes in the neck, cleaning our nervous system.

Vibes between third eye and tip of the nose. Adjusts our system of perception to the new vibrational frequency and creates balance.

Ü· Vibes in sinuses. It is the voice of healing. Destroy old patterns as we become aware of them. It is the great cleaner that washes our energetic wastes. Open space for the new.

Vibes in the hara, below the navel. Vibration that allows access to the consciousness of Earth and our first chakra.

Vibes in solar plexus. With this vowel, we enter the dimension beyond matter, deep inside.

AUM· It is the final expansion; the sound of the universe. We merge with our universe and the power flows through us, joining in the central crystal of Earth.

OM (A_U_M)· The first sound: sacred and eternal. The supreme mantra. Sound Vibration of the Absolute The vibration of the singing of the syllable AUM travels from the back of the mouth forward, representing: A-Creation, U- Preservation and M- Dissolution,  Silence

These sessions can be practiced in group or private lessons and they are an interesting addition to the Sound Bath, without its price varies.

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