I have developed a type of yoga that adapts to different situations and people: a fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga in combination with the 7 chakras aromatherapy and the healing power of the Sound Therapy at the relaxation clossing part.

Yoga practiced with humbleness and love, and some doses of confidence, has the potential of transforming the human being in this three main areas: physical – mental – emotional. There are four main yogic components that I give importance to in my sessions: Asanas (postures), Relaxation, Pranayama (breath control) and singing Mantras and Visualizations.



In private classes there is the possibility of enriching yoga with the Aromatherapy of 7 Chakras and Sound Therapy.
In this sessions a specific program is created for you, adapted to your own needs so you can integrate it and practice it day by day. The main goal of this classes is to adjust to your life moment and to go deep inside in your personal practice, specially if:
• You have a disease that makes you feel unconfortable and you need an extra attention that you dont get in group classes.
• You want to connect your rythm and postures to the physical and emotional needs that you have in this moment.
• You want to go deep inside specifically in a particular subject: posture correction, meditation, breathing, balance, relaxing, etc…
Even if is not imperative, I would like to have a previous meeting with you to get in contact with each other and hear all about your needs.
The estimated session duration is about 90 minutes.

In your house, in my own house (a therapy place of great calm at the north of the island where I also do the Aromatherapy massages and the Sound Therapy) or in another external environment like the beach.


Group classes usually don’t exceed 10 persons and they last between 1h.15 min and 1h.30 min. Sessions with more people make easier the concentration and the meditative side gets stronger when we join energies in one same direction. The group also allows work yoga in pairs, asanas (postures) that need two persons to complete, including more stretching, confidence, balance and concentration in your practice.
Check the program for schedule and location.
If you need another timetables please chek with us.
The classes are exchangeable to recover or alternate. Possibility of discount in special cases.

Santa Eulalia


MONDAY & WEDNESDAY: 8.45-10.00 at Studio 8 (in front of Repsol petrol station)
THURSDAY: 17.30-18.45



In Ibiza we can practice at the beach from April onwards.You have the amazing option of doing your private or group class by the sea.
Beach mixes the powerfull unification of the 4 elements: the contact with Earth, sea Water, sun Fire Light and Air movement makes a synergy to work with body health, emotional disorders and mental calm.
Work of breathing that accompanies a yoga class is highly favored by the quality of the prana of the oxygen. By the sea air is enriched minerals (magnesium, lithium, bromine, etc…) which stabilize the body and ions of negative charge that adhere to the lungs, by stimulating the immune system and improving the general condition of the body.
The barefoot contact in the sand also provides calm and earth connection, and the final relaxation of the session becomes deeper because of the sea sound and the four elements connection.


This magical session combines the asanas (postures) of Yoga with sound vibration of the vocals and the musical instruments. To sing a sound with movement of posture, breathing lengthens easily and naturally increasing profits. Each molecule, each cell, tissue, organ, gland, fluid in our body has its own degree of vibration. The same happens with each energetic center or chakra. Everything in a human body and in nature works on the basis of coherency, a harmonious order in which each element functions based on the flow of energy received. When some partes of your body are not vibrating in harmony, you become ill.
Certain sounds and vibrations have the power to restore the lost harmony in our body. These sessions integrate in one vibration the sounds together with consciousness of the body and the meditative state of yoga. Tuning in and start to feel the flow of the body, coordinates with concious breath, mobilizes the strength of your whole body and activates its resources to liberate the tensions and restore to the state of harmony, stillness and stability. While practising the yoga positions (asanas) and especially at the relaxation, you will enjoy the therapeutic musical vibes from magical healing instruments (Hang drum, Quartz cristal singing bowls, Chamanic and Ocean drum, Didgeridoo…)